V.M.Ananda Wimalaweera (AAL), Managing Director / Chairman, took over the business from his Father Mr.V.M.Saralis Wimalaweera, who was a culitivator in the down south of Sri Lanka, where the Cinnamon cultivation done. He was a prominent and well known supplier of all grades of Cinnamon to all leading Exporters in Sri Lanka from 1940 until his death,

About Managing Director / Chairman

well equipped with an excellent experience in handling exports worldwide such as purchasing,stores,production process with quality assurance and hold total responsibilities of final authority to release products to the customers. In addition to this, He is an Attorney At Law by profession.

About Manager

Employed an excellent person with thorough knowledge in Exports of Sri Lanka Spices / Produce since a considerable period, Entrusted works are explore/capture the markets worldwide for our products and also Maintaining smooth logistics operations, export documentation and follow up and ensure the timely collection of inward payment from from our customers in abroad.